Can I Get Infectious Diseases From Tattoo Needles?

At Shades of Grey you have absolutely no worry of contracting any sort of infectious diseases from our tattoo needles. All our needles are single use needles that come pre-packaged and sterilized from the manufacturer. These needles are opened in front of the client, used once, then disposed of into an approved biohazardous waste sharps container.. never to be used again! Most of our other equipment is single use only and designed to be thrown away after your tattoo session. Any items that are not considered to be single use are cleaned then sterilized after each client with an autoclave (a high heat, high pressure cleaning system used in hospitals). Our Autoclave is spore tested (standard test performed on all autoclaves to ensure that they are working correctly and are killing off all bacterial growth including spores) monthly as per Alberta Health regulations. The documentation to show that each spore test has passed (indicating that the autoclave is working properly) can be easily viewed on our front counter.